art and creativity

blog-2-5.jpgDo you have this dream about being arty and creative and 
would you like to follow your intuition ? Would  you like to 
express youself by drawing, painting or something else, 
but you don’t know how to get started ? 
In everyday life, we mostly follow what our brain tells us to do, 
we are reasonable and not really free.

A workshop art and creativity can give you new energy by 
expressing yourself in a free way !

Together with Bertrand Ségur, etcher (Beaux Arts de Paris), 
painter and writer, we organize workshops tailored on your 
needs. If you are interested in a creative “retraite” in Normandy, 
we can organize that for you.

In a short period, you will learn the following (about yourself) :
Who are you ?  You will recognize your artistic creative self.
A bit of art history.
What are your personal values ?
How do you live them and what do they bring you ?
What does a stay like this look like ?

During a stay of 5 days you are free to experience all kind of things :
With the group (min 3 and max 6 people), you will study a bit of art history, you will draw, 
paint, paste, write or do all. 
We will visit some artists in their work environment. 
During long or short walks in the neigbourhood or on the beautiful Normandy coast, you 
will find peace. 
Upon request, I do private consults in order to help you on your own individual path. 
All this can set you free and give you the wonderful feeling to be yourself (again) and to 
have the control on your life.

What about the practical down to earth things ?

The workshops with lunch costs 80 euros per day.
You may stay in our B&B or in another one (you send your email and we will get it organized). 
Our B&B is 55 euros per night for 2 people.
It is possible to have dinner at our place. 15 euros per meal.
Private consults 30 euros.
If you are interested, please send me an email with your wish-list (dates convenient to you, if 
you want to come alone or with a group, your preferences concerning your creativity or whatever 
you would love to do…). I will answer you email on the same day.
Together with Bertrand Ségur, we started a blog on art and creativity. If you read French, you 
can read articles about exhibitions we visited or shows 
we saw. Also some advice to find (back) your creativity.
Follow the link :
My email address :