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Life coaching

If you feel lost, you don't have a clue any more of where you stand, what your situation reflects of your being, life coaching may help you. A life coach accompanies you on a part of your personal path, in order to gain in well-being. You will learn to know yourself better.

Situations where life coaching can be useful : illness, loss, move, divorce, unemployment, loss of purpose...

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Individual and team coaching in business

If you change position within your company or if you change jobs, coaching can help you adapt and integrate.

Individual and/or team coaching can be very useful during mergers, where each member of a team must (re)find their place.



Christine den Boer has set up training courses for companies and university. Here's a sample of what she proposes :

- What's coaching ? Work on the basics of coaching, such as posture, questioning, obligations, ethics. (initiation training over 1 or more days)
- Négotiation (group training for several days)
- Speaking in front of an audience or leading a meeting (individual or group training for 1 or several days)

- Organizing an event (group training for several days)
- Develop your managerial skills (individual or group training for several days)

- Develop your creativity for everyday use (mixing coaching and practical workshops like painting, writing, forestbathing etc etc during a weekend for example, CDB has a BnB)

- Stress management (individual or group training for several days) 
Teambuildings including creativity and nature workshops upon request

Other trainings upon request. CDB adapts her offer to respond to your needs

Her offer is available in English, French or Dutch.

CDB does also skills assessments. In her office or online via Chance.  (in English, French or Dutch)

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CDB  is therapist as well. 

Her specializations : Hypnotherapy, Family Constellations, Dream Interpretation and Sylvotherapy.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with her to learn more about those specializations in order to know if one or more suit you.

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